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Which feed conveying equipment is needed in the complete set

Date: 2019/08/27

What kind of feed conveying equipment is needed in the complete set: in addition to the main feed machinery such as ring die granulator, drip mill, mixing equipment, etc., the feed processing complete set also needs some auxiliary equipment, such as horizontal feeder, spiral hoist, Feed conveyor equipment such as bucket elevators and scraper conveyors.

The feeder is also called horizontal screw conveyor, or auger. It is a kind of feed conveying equipment used for horizontal conveying of materials. It is often used for short-distance material transportation between feed equipment in complete sets. For example: It is installed between the warehouse to be pulverized and the pulverizing machine (for example, the drip mill and the drip pulverizer); it can also be installed above the ring mold feed granule machine for feeding the material into the temper; other equipment Depending on the actual situation, consider whether to use a horizontal feeder.

Screw conveyor is a kind of feed conveying equipment often used in the industry. It can also be called auger or auger conveyor. Its main structure is: outer casing, feeding inlet, internal spiral, discharge port, motor, etc. It is used to transport powder and granular materials. It has the characteristics of simple structure and practical functions, and is suitable for various feed processing units. Depending on the specific function, the screw conveyor can be divided into two categories: one is a spiral hoist that can be inclined to transport, and the other is a horizontal conveyor. The conveying directions of the two are different, and the angle of lifting can also be adjusted according to actual conditions. Adjustment.

The bucket elevator has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, high lifting height and long service life, and is suitable for vertical lifting of powdery or small pellet feed. It is mainly composed of a machine head, a fuselage and a machine base. The main transmission components are a transmission belt (rubber belt or canvas belt) and two rollers.

The scraper conveyor is a large-scale conveying equipment, which is most commonly used for conveying operations during coal processing. It can also be used for the transportation of materials and finished feed in feed processing, unlike screw conveyors and bucket conveyors. This kind of conveying equipment is much larger in transportation, so it is suitable for large feed processing plants. Its main structure is the transmission device, the machine head, the middle section, the inlet (out) section, the tail, the scraper chain and so on.

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