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[pelletizing section] use and maintenance of grease adding

Date: 2019/08/27

[Pelletizing section] Use and maintenance of grease adding equipment

In order to increase the energy required for animal growth, and at the same time change the palatability of the animal, it is often added in the mixer, and the addition of oil and fat is beneficial to reduce the flying of the dust. The material added with the grease will reduce the ring mold and pressure during the granulation process. Wear of consumables such as rollers. How to properly use the grease adding equipment, you must do the following work.

First, the installation of equipment

In order to ensure the normal use of the grease adding equipment, accurate oil metering, good spray atomization effect, etc., when installing the equipment, try to add the grease adding equipment to the mixer. In particular, the measuring components, elliptical flowmeters and other control pipelines should be installed as close as possible to the mixer, which is beneficial to ensure the injection pressure in the fuel injection pipeline, and also facilitates the installation of pipelines and the implementation of thermal insulation measures. As an important metering component, the elliptical gear shaft in the flowmeter must be mounted in a horizontal position, whether the pipe is mounted vertically or horizontally, ie the dial should be perpendicular to the ground. Ensure the correct metering of the flowmeter.

Second, equipment debugging

After the equipment is installed, the relevant parameters in the intelligent flow meter should be set and checked. The main parameters are P parameter: the density of grease, generally set to 0.9 (can be changed later); L parameter: pulse equivalent, can be set to 0.085 at the initial time, whether it matches the actual weighing according to the preset amount during debugging. Make the appropriate adjustments. The preset amount is the mass of grease added to the mixer each time in each company's formula, in kilograms. For example, when debugging, 10 kg of grease is sprayed each time in the production formula, and the grease is first collected at the detection port for weighing. If the oil weighed is 10 kg higher than 12 kg, for example, the specific value of L can be calculated by a ratio, that is, 0.085/L=10/12, and the calculated L value is re-entered into the smart meter, and then the fuel is weighed. Until the amount of grease weighed matches the preset amount, the purpose of commissioning check is achieved.

Third, the failure analysis and processing methods that may occur during actual use

A. In the actual fuel injection, the smart meter has no digital flip, that is, in the case of no metering, it can generally be checked from the following aspects.

1. The “+,-” wiring on the terminal signal behind the smart meter is inconsistent with the “+,-” wiring on the elliptical flowmeter transmitter in the pipeline. When processing, just connect two “+,−” wires at one end. Change it. 2. The signal line is loose or broken, and the line is checked.

3. The transmitter component in the elliptical flowmeter is assembled. The depth of the small copper disk that protrudes into the black transmitter slot is not enough. You can use the loosening screw to move the transmitter up. Lifting, the rotating small copper disk is further extended into the slot, as long as the small copper disk is unobstructed while rotating. Reassemble the machine after assembling the transmitter.

4. The transmitter is damaged. When judging, the transmitter can be removed from the elliptical flowmeter, then use two wires, press “+,-” to connect to the rear terminal of the smart flowmeter, press the oil in the smart meter. Immediately after the key, use a large flat-blade screwdriver to slide back and forth in the transmitter slot. If the smart meter has a digital flip, the transmitter is good. Another aspect is to measure the DC voltage on the two terminals of the connected transmitter. If the voltage is above 8.5V, if it is below 4.5V, the transmitter accessories should be replaced.

5. If the intelligent flow meter fails, the oil will not be measured. At this time, please contact the sheep husband to repair or replace the new instrument.

B, the measurement is inaccurate

1. Some users modify the fuel filter cans themselves when using the grease adding equipment, especially the position of the filter tank is higher than before. When the oil level of the large oil tank is high, there is no problem of measurement uncertainty. When the oil level drops, so that the oil can not be filled with the fuel filter can, the metering phenomenon will be inaccurate. Therefore, when modifying, please pay attention to the fuel filter canister is lower than the large oil tank, so that the oil is always full of fuel injection. The tank ensures accurate metering.

2. When verifying the exact amount of fuel injection, try to check the maximum amount used in the production formula. For example, the maximum fuel injection amount in the production formula is 10 kg. When commissioning the calibration, it should be at least 10 kg or more. Check the L parameters to ensure that when the oil is sprayed less, the accumulated error is small and the fuel injection measurement is more accurate. Time control and self-test are not used under normal circumstances. They are used as a second oil metering method only when there is no signal at the time of oiling. It uses the time proportional parameter to control the oil quantity. It is a ratio parameter. The normal H value is 0.9. If the fuel metering method is used, the time control button light on the meter should be illuminated. (Normally, when the first type of oil metering is used, the time control and self-checking light cannot be turned on.) If the H value is properly adjusted so that the oil generated at the detection port matches the preset amount, it is the final H parameter after commissioning. .

Fourth, the maintenance in use

According to the cleanliness of the grease used, the oil suction filter and the fuel injection filter are regularly cleaned to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline and the injector when the equipment is in use. When the equipment is not used for a long time, clean the remaining grease in the pipeline or check the flexibility of the switch of the pipeline and solenoid valve before the next use, and disassemble and clean if necessary.

When using a hard-to-solid grease, the necessary insulation measures are required. Steam or electric heating can be used in the oil tank. The user of the pipeline can use steam copper tube and oil pipe in parallel and heat preservation, or use constant temperature heating belt to ensure the normal use of grease equipment.

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